Daijia Shields

Deja ShieldsDaijia Shields began her RTB journey as a middle school student. Although she grew up attending church, she yearned for a spiritual outlet that specifically engaged young people.

In addition to RTB’s welcomed role as a spiritual outlet, Daijia says the program provided relief from all of the stress she experienced and the negativity she witnessed in her community. At age 14, she made a conscious choice to rededicate her life to God while attending an RTB summer camp.

“I can just remember being in this very serene environment, and I had time to actually think about what salvation meant to me,” she said.

Daijia excelled in high school, graduated from Spelman College, and is now studying medicine in Indianapolis. Daijia, along with her sisters, has also founded an organization inspired by RTB that focuses on empowering young girls in urban areas. She strongly encourages young people in the Alcy-Ball Neighborhood to participate in RTB, saying the program has the power to transform their lives the way it transformed hers.