Deon Byers

Deon ByersWhen he was a fifth grade student, Deon Byers frequently played sports in the gym where Repairing the Breach held its programming. Curious, he became involved with RTB, and began building communications and leadership skills and developing a deeper connection to God and to his community.

“This program has been a blessing to me,” said Deon, who recently received his Associates degree in theology from River Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida. He has also returned to Repairing the Breach to work with youth facing the same hurdles he previously faced.

In addition, Deon is involved in Hamilton High School’s MOST Program, whose purpose is to help young men with problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. He also helps middle school students through a leadership training academy, encouraging them to deepen their connection with God and build their skill sets to increase their employability. Deon believes RTB helps bring out the best in young people; he’s a prime example of that.