Dominique Winfrey

dominiqueDominique Winfrey became involved with drugs and gang activity at an early age. When she was 14, she enrolled in Corry Middle School, where Pastor Tony Wade and other members of RTB persisted in showing Dominique that God had a better plan for her life. At first, Dominique resisted their help, behaving rebelliously, appearing inebriated, and using profanities towards adults. But the ministry’s consistent efforts to transform her life ultimately encouraged Dominique to give her life to Christ.

“Their love for me never changed,” she said.

After becoming involved with RTB, Dominique transformed her life by turning away from drugs and gang activity, and instead committing herself to Christ and focusing on academic achievement. Dominique had been reading three to four years behind grade level, but she continued to work hard, focus and pray. The result: her GPA rose from a 1.6 to a 4.4, and she ultimately graduated in the top five percent of her class.

Today, Dominique, who completed an internship in Washington D.C., is pursuing her undergraduate degree at The University of Memphis. She encourages young people allow Christ into their lives and to know that God loves them unconditionally.