In 2001, Tony and Felecia Wade began their community outreach to children on the campus of Corry Middle School. The Wades frequently attended school functions in an effort to build relationships with the students. They invited children to participate in the program that came to be known as Club Flame, which initially attracted about 15-25 students.

In order to have more time to build a stronger spiritual foundation in the children’s lives, the Wades in 2004 established an elementary school ministry called Generation Next (GNex), an academic enrichment program that helps children improve their reading skills. In 2006, the Wades established a high school ministry.

RTB currently has more than 200 students who participate in regular programming,which includes in-school clubs, mentoring and summer day camps. Since RTB’s inception, hundreds of children have left gangs, improved their academic standing,and committed their lives to Christ. With Christ’s blessing and our dedicated community of donors and volunteers, RTB plans to continue this life-changing work for generations to come.


We transform the hearts and minds of our community’s youth through ministry programs after school and during exploratory school time so that they may mature in Christ, becoming caring, conscientious members of our community.


We enlighten, empower and equip youth in Memphis’ Alcy-Ball Neighborhood to grow socially, academically and spiritually to become global leaders.