Kemion Green

“Through RTB, I was able to gain a four year Scholarship to attend a private high school to further my education…”

I learned about Repairing the Breach when I was 11 and I would play basketball at the same gym where RTB would have its regular program. When I met Pastor Tony and Felecia Wade through Corry Middle School, I was dealing with a very emotional part of life. I didn’t have a father figure, the one man I had at the time was my grandad, who had just had a heart attack and stroke. Everything changed in a blink and I had no one to turn to. RTB stepped in and the leaders became parent figures in my life and role models. This organization helped me to develop a relationship with Christ and helped me to understand that I was different. More importantly, I was finally able to see who I was in God’s eyes. The Wades always believed in me and loved me through everything, even my mistakes. I went through abuse as a child and RTB was my safe place. RTB taught me leadership, communication and the principles I needed to have a successful life while having a strong relationship with the Lord. Through RTB, I was able to gain a four year scholarship to attend a private high school to further my education and open my eyes to bigger things than what my community showed me. I ended up graduating ninth in my high school class as well as being the first male to graduate high school and first to attend college from my family. I obtained a college basketball scholarship and finished with a associates degree in general studies.  Today, I am a man of God, a husband, a father, and a leader. I was able to break the cycles of past generations and create a new path for my kids to follow. I was led to God through RTB and continually supported by the leaders of this organization. For this I am forever thankful.